The Id's full-length demo is a selection of songs written at various stages of Seamus's life. Each shows a brutally honest moment in the life of a troubled, sensitive songwriter and reflects a different musical influence or direction. Despite the fact that the album consists solely of acoustic guitar, a few scattered keyboard tracks, and Seamus's vocals, The Id remains genre-defiant and original. A theme of heartbreak is apparent throughout all ten tracks… from the somber recollection of an argument in opener That Night to the awkward barroom reunion described in crowd-pleaser Shaking.

"When I write music, I feel like I'm being dishonest if I try to rattle off lyrics," Seamus says. "Music is full of emotion, and I think for it to be the most effective, you have to convey a powerful emotion. Unfortunately, heartbreak is the strongest feeling I've come across, and I think it's something that almost everyone understands and relates to. Some of my songs are about death or sex or the usual rock & roll fodder, but most of my songs are about lost love in some way or another."